Festival Revela’t 2024


References and Perspectives

In this XII edition of the Revela’t contemporary analog photography festival, the theme chosen is:

Identity is a broad topic that can be simplified or understood as the set of traits that characterize an individual or group in relation to others.

Let’s leave behind the limitations imposed by roles and social expectations of the past. Today, identity finds its way through a multiplicity of prisms: gender, culture, society, intimacy, and technology intertwine to create complex, polyphonic portraits of who we are. Identity is not static; it is a process in constant change and reinvention.

We invite you to observe, explore and represent identity from the most varied points of view. Identity as an evolving canvas, a mosaic of faces and experiences that intertwine, diverge and converge. A celebration of the diverse and an affirmation of the universal that connects us. Our goal is to expand this idea and represent it from updated perspectives.

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Open Call to exhibit at Revela’t 2024

New Workshop: Calls & Reviews Helpdesk

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