Revela’t 2024


Associació Fotogràfica Espaifoto


Pep Mínguez


Ana Gallart


Glòria Peruga


Ainoa Guilera


Aina Lütken

Design and image

Estudio Diego Feijóo


Oscar Ciutat

Social media

Ana Sofia Farrera, Alfonso Fornes & co


Vibra Comunicació

Photobook coordination 

Mireia Alises

Educational projects and training activities 

Pep Pérez, Juan L. Ronco, Ramón Casanova and Santos Montes

Photography and video

Pep Prats and Pere Lloveras


Pol Aguilar, Toni Mercado and Sergi Cuduñet


It all started in 2013, as a one-off meeting of analogue photography enthusiasts, but it was so successful that the attendees themselves encouraged us to continue, and we are now celebrating the twelfth edition. Already in the first one we knew that we were the first festival in the world dedicated exclusively to analogue photography and that has made us a benchmark for other initiatives.

Maybe it would be better to call it chemical or even pre-digital, (although we accept some kind of hybridization, almost inevitable…) but “analogue” is the most widespread term, but what we really like is the spirit of this kind of photography, the long-lasting projects and their commitment.

Our aim is to offer a space for meeting, thought, creation… although we don’t want to focus on the processes, but on what the images and projects tell, so each edition we choose a central theme around which the exhibitions revolve. In this edition, the theme is Identity.

The most important part of the festival is the exhibitions, but there are many other complementary activities that make up a program aimed at photography and art enthusiasts in general. Many of these activities are free and are concentrated on the main weekend. They are the perfect excuse to spend a few days in Vilassar de Dalt, a small town in the Maresme area with a lot of appeal and very well connected to Barcelona (20 minutes from the centre with the 803 bus).

Since the first edition, we have achieved the complicity of renowned photographers from all over the world, which has allowed us to have exhibitions of the highest level. On the other hand, over the years we have achieved a high degree of internationalisation and a good example of this is the call for entries, where in 2024 we have received 632 projects from 59 different countries.

Since the first editions we have had the support of different institutions and public and private entities and this has allowed us to grow year after year, although unfortunately not everything is a reason to be happy. The dependence on subsidies, their terms of payment, and not being able to have sufficient economic muscle, means that at certain times of the year, we have to take out a credit policy that further reduces our economic capacity.

In the spirit of becoming more and more self-sufficient, we try to make each of the activities self-supporting and we also rely on a number of friends/collaborators/supporters who make a small annual contribution and help us to alleviate some of the festival’s funding.

We encourage you to be an active part of the festival by becoming a friend and besides collaborating you have many other advantages. Check it out here.

Revela’t friends

Lola Montserrat Collell, Albert Palaudaries Isac, Josep María Casacuberta Suñer, Joan Sorolla, Pep Pérez Guarro, Beatriz Agullo, Stéphanie Probst, Xavier Bas, Sergio Lardiez, Vicenç Rovira Riera, Alfredo Herrezuelo Pérez, Ángel Codina, Maria Luisa Santos Cuellar, Jordi Salewski Pascual, Pablo Braulio, Lluis Estopinyan Canals, Israel Sabater Navalón, Rebeca Martín Suárez, Jordi Pujol Hernandez, Jaime Bonet García, Clara Cussó, Xavier Padrós, David Caballero, Helena Hosta, Francesc Soldevilla, Eduard Crispi del Sol, Cristina Miranda, Cèlia Arnau, Gustav Paul Nitsch, Montserrat Martí Font, Michel Depatié, Javier Miguelez, Oscar Laser, Dimas Fàbregas, Helena Borjesson Carazo, Ramon Juvany, Mateo Combriza Vargas, Didac Lluent Espinal, César Vercher Gonzalez, Jose Guindo Soldevilla, Ilaria Murabito, Cristina Dafta, Eglé Casagrande, Tanja Upravitelev, Resma and Alba González.


Volunteers 2023 edition 

Júlia Moncasí Borràs, Julia Alemany i Gil, Albert Bada Ortoll, Júlia Giménez Negre, Àngela Guerrero Brullet, Areli Reséndiz, Gabriela Saiz Batlloti, Nadia Fernandez, Imane Daih Rouaz, Sílvia Jordan Cuadradas, Anaïs Prévost, Gabriel Ubierna Llopis, Patricia Conor, Josefina Ramirez Marciel, Narella Bergallo, Cristian Kemmer Perez, Mateo Cambariza Vargas, Camila Bastías, Carmen Margarita Manay, Denis Alvarez, Bruno Rodríguez, Marina Martín Gómez, Laura Albornoz, Ana Cayuela Muñoz, Yefrison Ramírez Andrade, Samir Gallego, Carmen Barreiro Rubio, Ylenia Cañadas Mayoral, Nuria Cánovas Bernabeu, Marina Jiménez Laorden, Gloria Segura Ramirez, Maria Victoria Acosta, MªIsabel Martín González, Sara Gómez Abdous, Marta Subirachs Paris, Aitana García Gomez, Inês Magalhães, María José Arévalo, Malena Ichkhanian, Carolina Calata, Nicole Niño, Andrea Rodríguez Asensio, María José González Ares, Maria Garcia, Isabel Turga, Raül Santín Alcaraz, Valentina Andrade Caroca, Mariana Arrieta Ibarra, Griselda Carreras, Marc Auferil Lazaro, Montse Martí Font, Júlia Giménez, Imad El Arroussi, Roser-Kaloni Morera i Vives, Katia Muñoz, Adriana Sánchez Decán, Brunna Urbano Pons, Oriol Leza Vidal, Lika Baindurashvili and Yuliya Kogol.


With the support of…

Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Ajuntament de Vilassar de Dalt, Ministerio de Cultura del Gobierno de España, Diputació de Barcelona, Sorli, Sorli Emocions, Fujifilm.

With the collaboration of…

Comas & Partners, EGM, Kitoli, Shooters Film Lab, Ricoh, VM Foto, Impressionart, Visual Korner, Acutangle, Arterri, Yelo, Estrella Damm, Pint-Nova, Vilapack, Emesa, Corma, Festival Floral.

Collaborating entities…

Consell Comarcal del Maresme, Acción Cultural Española, Casa Asia, Vilassar turisme, Museu Arxiu de Vilassar de Dalt, La Massa Centre de Cultura, Carnet JOVE, Foto Cinema Mataró.

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