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Or how to apply for a call and not die trying

With Moritz Neumüller and Tanit Plana


An interactive workshop where you will take valuable advice and lessons on how to present your work to a call or portfolio viewing efficiently and effectively.

Tips on how to write a statement, where to find contests and knowing when a project is ready to submit to a contest.

The activity will consist of two parts, an online capsule open to everyone and free of charge, which will serve as a preview for the in-person workshop to be held in Barcelona, ​​where the subject will be covered and practice will be deepened.

Both sessions will be held in Spanish/English

Workshop Development

Online Capsule

Full capacity

FREE of charge filling the form


Presentation of the workshop and the professionals who teach it. Types of calls that we find today (viewings, residencies, exhibitions, editing, models…) and particularities (at a generic level) tips for signing up for each one.

Workshop in Person



Detailed advice for presenting your portfolio to the different calls.
You’ll have the option to previously send your project online and some of these works will be used as example to review the strengths and weaknesses of the submission.

Who are Moritz and Tanit?

Blanca Berlin

Moritz Neumüller (Linz, 1972)
The Curator Ship, Director

Moritz Neumüller, Ph.D. (Linz, Austria, 1972), is a curator, educator, and writer in the field of Photography and New Media. He has worked in research and management positions for international institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, La Fábrica in Madrid, and PhotoIreland in Dublin. Currently, he serves as the Chief Curator of Photobookweek in Aarhus, Denmark. Since 2010, he has been directing The Curator Ship, a platform that provides valuable information for visual artists and curators.

Tanit Plana (Barcelona, 1975)
Fotógrafa y educadora

Tanit Plana (Barcelona, 1975)  is an artist and photographer with a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Pompeu Fabra University. Her research and artistic production got the Leonardo grant from the BBVA Foundation in 2016, BCN Crea 2020 and Propuestas Vegap 2021 also Art for Change 2022 from the Fundació la Caixa amongst others. A retrospective of her work was show at  Canal de Isabel II in Madrid (2019) and the exhibition PUBER at Virreina Barcelona Image Center (2021).

Dates and times

Online Capsule

04/10 from 19:30h to 20:15h


14/10 from 10h to 14h

Who can participate?

Amateur or professional photographers who want to learn how to showcase their work when submitting it to national and international calls and reviews.


 *Workshop attendees will receive a 50% direct discount on the current Open Call for exhibiting at the Revela’t festival.

Activity needs

For the online capsule

You don’t need absolutely anything, just sign up in advance at this link to receive the Zoom link one hour before the formation

For the in-person Workshop

Desire to learn. Several practical examples will be presented during the session. You can participate in a mock call here, and your project may be used as an example in the course


Online capsule

→ Free of charge filling the form

In-person WORKSHOP

40€/pers :EARLY BIRD first 10 spots

50€/pers : next 15 spots

(Revela’t Friends 25€) always


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