Seunggu Kim

Better Days

South Korea has undergone rapid development over the past 40 years, leading to various social consequences.

One of them is the long working hours with few moments of rest. During vacations, Koreans try to make the most of them, but due to a lack of time for traveling, they spend the majority of their time in the city.

Seunggu observes various leisure spaces and people, framing them slowly and aiming to balance complex situations. The “fast-paced lifestyle” and “community trust” of Koreans, evidenced in this work, show how they adapt to any situation, enjoy together, and aspire to harmonious “coexistence”.

Winner of the second prize in the 2024 Open Call edition.

Blanca Berlin

Seunggu Kim, (Seoul, South Korea).

Obtained his bachelor’s degree in photography from Sangmyung University and his master’s in visual arts from the National University of Arts in Korea.

Kim seeks to showcase how we live by balancing artificial elements through photographic framing.

To interpret this complex reality, his work reveals how the center and the periphery, tradition and modernity, spiritual values and material desires intersect, blend, and evolve through everyday themes such as cities, suburbs, leisure, and weather.

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