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“Sirkhane DARKROOM” is a striking photographic project that goes beyond the lens, serving as a catalyst for positive change. Focused on delivering analog photography workshops, this initiative targets both local children and refugees, providing them with a creative outlet while addressing crucial social issues.

The project delves into crucial topics such as children’s rights, peer bullying, and gender equality, using photography as a powerful tool for expression and awareness.

What sets “Sirkhane DARKROOM” apart is its commitment to inclusion, actively involving children in every step of the project. By allowing them to participate in the entire process, from capturing images to presenting their perspectives to the world, the project not only imparts valuable skills but also amplifies the voices of younger generations.

“Sirkhane DARKROOM” emerges as a beacon of empowerment, using photography to bridge communities and foster a deeper understanding of the diverse narratives these children bring to light.

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Serbest Salih (Kobani, Syria) He is a prominent photographic artist and the director of Sirkhane DARKROOM. Graduating with a degree in photography from the University of Aleppo in 2012, Salih has made significant contributions to the world of art. His talent was recognized when he was named Man of the Year by GQ Middle East magazine, a testament to his impactful presence in this field. Beyond accolades, Salih is dedicated to nurturing creativity in young minds. As the director of Sirkhane DARKROOM, he oversees an analog photography project for children located near the Turkish-Syrian border. Through this initiative, Salih not only captures the essence of the medium but empowers the next generation with the transformative power of artistic expression. His commitment to both art and community serves as an inspiring example in the realm of photography and humanitarian initiatives.
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