Photo Art Books

Photo books and identity: windows to cultural and social diversity.

Collective exhibition dedicated to photobooks, organized by Photo Art Books and curated by Mireia Alises, which explores the complex notion of identity from a variety of angles and contexts. Through a careful selection of the work of twenty-one photographers through their books, we immerse ourselves in the intimate and diverse territories of human identity, exploring themes of intimacy and self-awareness, territorial identity, gender, belonging to a collective, and ethnicity.

Each photobook is presented as a window into a unique world of experiences and perspectives, reminding us that identity is a continuous journey of self-discovery and exploration. With all of them, we invite attendees to reflect on the changing and multifaceted nature of individual and collective identity.

These photobooks capture the connection between the individual and their environment, challenge social norms, and celebrate the diversity and strength of group identity. Through intimate portraits, personal narratives, and family stories, this exhibition offers a fascinating exploration of the diversity and complexity of identity in contemporary society.



Angélica Dass, Benjamín Rasmussen, Tomaso Clavarino, Marvel Harris, Maude Arsenault, Marisol Méndez, Jess T. Dugan, Joseph-Philippe Bevillard, Maria Sturm, Elisa Miralles, Arian Christiaens, Karine Zenja Versluis, Mariela Sancari, Alejandra Carles-Tolra, Brenda Moreno, Sergio Castañeira, Milla Talassalo, Mar Sáez, Joaquín Zamora, Hugo Ángel and Carla Williams.

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Photo Art Books

It is a platform specialized in the dissemination of content about photobooks, published nationally and internationally, paying special attention to self-published works nationally, with the aim of showcasing the work of Spanish photographers.

A project created and directed by Mireia Alises, photographer, documentarian, and digital content manager, linked for over fifteen years to the world of photography.

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