Photo Art Books

Un camino, una historia

Cal Garbat, s5

In this exhibition, we focus on valuing the panorama of self-publishing, as well as the national publishing sector, inviting attendees to enjoy the work of twenty photographers through their books under the slogan of the Caminos festival.

Life is a journey that takes us down different paths, full of successes and mistakes, that lead us to savor the longed-for happiness or feel the deepest of sorrows. A journey that is conditioned by the place and moment in which we are born or by the circumstances that arise along the way. Paths that connect us with the landscape and the wildest nature; paths that connect us with the past and hide silenced stories; paths of overcoming a loss or a romantic breakup; paths of self-knowledge and maturity; paths of acceptance, adaptation, and reconstruction; paths that show other realities and long for a better life; paths that lead us to perdition; or paths that lead us to question the very limits of visual narrative.

Stopping to touch the images and following the proposed sequence in each of these books is like embarking on a journey, because it offers us the opportunity to learn the different ways of reading the photographic projects that have come to light thanks to the effort and vision of their authors: Eduardo Nave, Yann Gross and Arguiñe Escandón, Tono Arias, Mendia Echeverria, Alan Sallas, Carlos Alba, Manuel Naranjo Martell, Flavia Schuster, Leafhopper, Julieta Averbuj, Javier Bejarano, David García, Paula Tudela, Alejandro Dueñas, Teresa Uzeda, Antoine Seiter and Marc Faysse, Freya Nayade, Leif Sandberg, Anna Izquierdo Gilabert and Xavier Aldekoa, Agus Morales, Clara Roig, Pau Coll, Toni Arnau and Edu Ponces.

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Photo Art Books is a platform specialized in photobooks, in the dissemination of books published nationally and internationally, devoting special attention to desktop publishing at the national level, with the aim of making visible the work of Spanish photographers. A project created and directed by Mireia Alises, photographer, documentary maker and digital content manager.


Exhibition curated by Mireia Alises and organized by Photo Art Books.

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