Marina Planas

Digestión Turística
Cal Garbat, S3

Dromedaries are one of the most emblematic animals featured on tourist postcards in many countries, especially those located in deserts or arid regions.

These animals are known for their ability to walk for long periods of time and for their ability to withstand large amounts of water and food.
On the tourist postcards, camels are often depicted walking through the desert, with a rider on their back or carrying provisions in their saddlebags. This image has been a classic representation of desert life and has been used for centuries to promote tourism in these regions.

Spain has exploited this ironic resource that shows us the colonialist projections and desires of the northern European tourists who visited Spain as a way to travel lure and a way to explore and conquer.

This postcard from the Arxiu Planas has been extracted from the collection to analyze the imaginaries of mass tourism in Spain in the 1960s. 

Blanca Berlin

Marina Planas Antich ( Palma, 1983)

Visual artist, researcher and cultural producer.

Her work revolves around the boundaries between art and life, visual representation and memory.

She is currently working on projects on issues related to the theme of the archive. In recent years her work has focused on postcards and the idea of generating a fiction and a desire through the tourist utopia.

He has promoted the Arxiu Planas as a creative laboratory to collectively investigate tourism from contemporary thought.


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