Luis Vioque

Cal Garbat, S3

The series “Nórdica” is made over four years in the four Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

In the photographs of this work, the immensity of the landscape makes you feel alone and at the same time surrounded by nature and silent magic; it makes you reflect on life, on the present and the future. The mountains, the rivers, the glaciers, the fjords provoke the sensation of being in communion with nature, without moving away from the human footprint that appears reflected in piers, houses, roads… The human presence is almost anecdotal, showing wandering silhouettes from the distance and presenting scenarios where the person has been absorbed by the environment.

Time is another concept presenting in these shots, it stops, it is diluted without any reference that makes us suspect the temporal location of the shot, they are clearly timeless landscapes that make nature always the main protagonist.

Blanca Berlin

Luis Vioque (Madrid, 1966)

He developed an interest in photography in 1989 and has since pursued his training as a self-taught artist.

His recent solo exhibitions include shows at the Marita Segovia Gallery (Madrid, 2017), the XVI Biennial of Photography of Cordoba (Cordoba, 2019), the Soler Blasco Museum in Xàbia (Alicante, 2020), Espacio de Arte (Madrid, 2021), and the Marita Segovia Gallery (Madrid, 2023).

Several collections, including Foto Colectania, Colección de Alcobendas, Colección Purificación García, and El Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M, hold representation of his work in their collections.

Vioque has also published six books, including “Un viaje Imaginario” in 2001, “Mares de Portugal” in 2004, “Océanos de arena” in 2010, “Islandia” in 2018, “Nórdica” in 2021, and “Haibun” in 2022.


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