Julee Pinto

Água Doce (òóré yéyé ó)


In her ongoing project “Água doce (òóré yéyé ó)”, Julee Pinto explores the transformative nature of chemical photographic paper, conceiving it as a medium to create totems dedicated to Òsun, goddess of rivers and waterfalls, symbolizing fertility and prosperity.

Through experimentation in the darkroom, where the transformation of the paper occurs through the interplay of light and chemical elements, reminiscent of alchemy, she incorporates honey as a tool in her chemigrams. Therefore establishing a connection with its use in offerings to the goddess. This exploration delves into the intersection of artistic expression, symbolism, and self-discovery while constructing meaningful symbols for Òsun.

Blanca Berlin

Julee Pinto (Curitiba, Brasil)

A graduate in Multimedia Art from the Faculdade de Belas Artes at the University of Lisbon (2020), Julee Pinto’s artistic practice is based on experimentation and exploration of unconventional materials and methods, as well as a perspective of correlation between the notions of art, nature, and spirituality.

Drawing from her extensive experience in analog photography and broad interest in various disciplines, she creates deeply personal and often intuitive works in which the artist explores the use of traditional techniques alongside organic materials, experimental processes, and unusual printing methods.

Through her interconnected perspective, Julee addresses the connection between the material and immaterial world, questioning conventional assumptions about the relationships between humans, non-human nature, and transcendence, seeking to explore the ontological dimension of existence.

She has been living in Lisbon since 2017 and has been regularly exhibiting her work since 2020.


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