José Luis Carrillo

Los Hijos del Ciervo
Cal Garbat, S2

In the Upper Tagus Valley, one of the most unpopulated territories in Europe, dominated by wild nature, I could feel the millinery journey that the human being made from the darkness of time to the present day.

There, hidden in the mists, I found the last descendants of Cerunnos, the horned god, worshiped by the Celts in this region for over a thousand of years.

Heirs of a cosmogony on the verge of extinction, they are the last Celtiberians of the Spanish plateau and this is their sacred valley.

“Los Hijos del Ciervo” is a documentary work carried out in the northern part of the province of Guadalajara, where the author deals with the relationship that the subjects have with nature, partly as a result of their Celtic past.

It is an anthropological work, symbolic in nature, which shows how our past and the territory can configure a special vision of the world.

Blanca Berlin

José Luis Carrillo (Alicante, 1977)

He is a documentary photographer, photography teacher, and director of the Mistos photography school in Alicante. He combines his teaching with personal photographic work that focuses on contemporary documentary photography with an anthropological and social focus.

His work reflects on the significance of the environment and the past in shaping our way of being, and also provides a window into realities that deviate from the normative.

Solo exhibitions in Festival Encontros da Imagen (Oporto), Festival Lumínic (Barcelona), Festival Ojos Rojos (Denia), Sala La Kursala (Cádiz), CCC Las Cigarreras (Alicante), CCC L’Escorxador (Elche), among others.


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