Jordi Baron

Domus Barcino

Baron has been documenting the process of emptying apartments and houses in the Eixample and Barri Gòtic of Barcelona for over 20 years after the death of their tenants, with the purpose of rescuing moments before their disappearance.

It is the photo-finish of a bourgeois memory that has lasted around 120 years, and at the same time, the birth of a new phenomenon experienced by many cities: gentrification.

Blanca Berlin

Jordi Baron (Rubí, Barcelona).

Photographer trained at the IEFC, he is an antiquarian and collector of antique photographs. Each of these facets feeds into the other two.

His photographic work, developed since the late nineties, has been reflected in three major projects, Ídols (2002-2004), Barcelona Fitxer Antropològic (2006-2010) and Monalisa (2016-2018), in which he explores how iconographic traditions and processes of nineteenth-century photography leave their mark on current practice and representations. From its inception to the present day, he has been carrying out the Domus Barcino project. His work is held in collections such as those of Pierre Borhan (Paris), Museum Huis Marseille voor Fotografío (Amsterdam), and Fundación Vila Casas (Barcelona).

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