JJ Lorenzo

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When the form changes, so does the content. This is a fact for the generations born and raised on the other side of the Iron Curtain after 1991. The emergence of the Internet marked a before and after, accelerating economic and social changes. The gap between generations increased markedly. The old ways and customs were no longer accepted by the new generations, digital natives raised in a globalized world with free access to information.

From the ashes of Euromaidan to the cruel Russian Invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Borderline emerges as a project that documents the transient nature of a generation. Nostalgia for a time of peace and hopes for a better future merge with a present defined by friendship, solidarity and the pain of war and exile.

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JJ Lorenzo (1987, Madrid) is a British Hispanic photographer. He studied Sociology at the Complutense University of Madrid and completed his training in 2011 with the Master of Photographic Creation at the Madrid school EFTI. A year later, he moved to London to continue his path in photography.

His work is characterized by the exploration of psychological portraiture and the search for new narratives in documentary photography.  In 2018 he is influenced by photographers Bertien Van Manen and Keizo Kitajima, he began to travel periodically to Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries. Through the lives of his friends, JJ portrays the problems of a generation marked by the friction between a past with a strong Russian heritage and a volatile present with longings for independence and union with the West.

JJ lives and works in London. His work has been published in i-D, Dazed or Nowness. In May 2023 his first book “Sun as an Anchor” will be published in collaboration with Caribbean artist Jawara Alleyne.



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