Jenni Haili

Songs of Wit and Wisdom
Cal Garbat, S3

“Songs of Wit and Wisdom” draws its subject matter from the mythologies of various peoples.

The afterlife has its own topography, the gods live in the mountains, the elves in the forest or in the water. In fact, all the major mythical events and actors are localized in nature. One general meaning of myth is an untrue fiction, a collective misunderstanding. Like a myth, a photograph can also tell a story that is not quite true.

The series reflects on the interaction of (wo)man and nature.

The images in the series have been made by using the late 19th century process of wet plate collodion as tintypes.

Blanca Berlin

Jenni Haili (1980, Finland) is a visual artist with a Master of Arts degree from the School of Art and Design at Aalto University.

She works with a variety of techniques, mainly focusing on photography. In recent years, her area of interest has been the early stages of photography, including aesthetics, themes, and processes. A recurring theme in her work is a game of showing and hiding.

Haili’s works have been exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions, both in Finland and abroad.

In addition to her artistic practice, she works as a photography professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of the Helsinki University of Art, the Finnish Darkroom Association, and the Finnish Museum of Photography.


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