Ignacio Coló

Eduardo & Miguel

Eduardo and Miguel Portnoy are two twins from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They live together, have never been separated since birth, and today are completely alone in this world.

Over time, their family passed away. They have no close friends. They do everything on their own, but they are never alone because they have each other.

The only support they have is from the Jewish community, which provides them with employment, material assistance, and emotional support as well. But ultimately, their main support is the love they have for each other and that symbiosis so typical of twins. The two of them are their only refuge, built on love, loneliness, and vulnerability.

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Ignacio Coló (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Lived in Paris, where he specialized in the History of Photography at the Sorbonne University. Upon returning to Buenos Aires, he completed photography studies at the Escuela Argentina de Fotografía (EAF) and studied Cinematography at SICA, the union of film professionals.

He published the book Eduardo & Miguel, co-edited by RM, Phree, and Ediciones Posibles. The Eduardo & Miguel series was recognized with the Star Photobook Dummy Award, an initiative by the Photographic Social Vision Foundation, and the book was highlighted as one of the best photography books of 2022 by TIME magazine. It was also recognized in awards such as PoyLatam, the Emerging Fund for Burn Photographers, and the First Photography Book Award ICP/GOST, among others.

Currently, Ignacio Coló is the director of Estudio TOMA, an agency for visual and digital communications. He worked as a senior photographer and photo editor at La Nación, a major Argentine newspaper. His photographs are regularly published in the media and have been exhibited in individual and group shows.

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