Eduardo Almeida

Las Montañas: El Camino Interior
Cal Garbat, S3

The road to the top is, like the journey to oneself, a solo route.Alessandro Gogna (Italy, 1946).

There are many who come to the mountain trying to reach the impossible. They walk the path at a fast pace, without stopping, without taking their eyes off the path, thinking only of reaching the summit, as if conquering the rock were possible.

They believe they possess the wild spirit of the mountain, but the mountain cannot be fooled. Perhaps they fail to understand that the real conquest happens within, and that walking those paths alone, with oneself, leads them step by step, through a long inner path, towards a higher destination than the summits themselves.

Eduardo Almeida (1985, Zamora)

Lost in the latent resonance of the mountains, amidst their overwhelming immensity and the cold peaks covered with ice and snow, the spirit flows like water between the rocks and frees itself from the imposed prison. Perhaps it is there where it finds what it thought it had lost. It is where we are reborn and where our smallness before the world reminds us of our true place, as an immanent part of it.

The journey of the clouds, in their ephemeral beauty and elegant shapes, provides the balance that caresses the mountains. It plays with the textures in the stone, with the light in the valleys, and with the reflection of the lakes.

In the closed forests and their paths, amidst their gloom, one finds the mystery that feeds curiosity. The free fall of the waterfall, in its serene roar turned into white silk, provides the authentic silence where timeless truth can be found. The twisted trunk of the sleeping tree in the middle of the steppe, in its centennial solitude and the memory of thousands of sunsets, offers wisdom.


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