Curtis Hughes

Modern Love

“Modern Love” meticulously explores the evolution of love dynamics in our contemporary world, led by technology and the ever-changing social landscape. Through his own experience with online dating, the British portrait photographer captures the juxtaposition between virtual and non-virtual intimacy, between the couples featured in this series and the digital dating platforms where their relationships blossomed. The project tenderly illustrates how dating apps have played a fundamental role in reshaping conventional ways people connect and form intimate relationships.

From the interracial marriage of Peter and Sue, influenced by their initial connection on Tinder, to the queer love story of Jacob and Jose, the series illuminates the beauty behind the screen and how dating apps have enabled people from all walks of life, from around the world, to connect. In our era of smartphone-heavy usage and rapid technological evolution, “Modern Love” provides an intimate space for reflection and contemplation.

A prevalent myth about romantic love is that we are all halves in free fall, waiting to find the other half that fits us exactly. But there is no ‘one’ fate has determined; instead, there are many ‘ones’ with whom we could share a beautiful existence, all with just a swipe of the screen.

Blanca Berlin

Curtis Hughes (Brighton, England.)

He is a social documentary photographer whose work primarily focuses on people, transcending mere documentation, delving into the raw complexities of the human experience.

Through his work, Curtis always seeks emotion and honesty, often drawn to moments of vulnerability, exploring the intricate relationships we have with ourselves and with his subjects. His portrait-focused approach explores themes such as love, identity, belonging, while questioning and challenging social conventions.

His work has been featured in the annual Portrait of Britain exhibition and the Portrait Humanity award by the British Journal of Photography, as well as in the Open Walls award, the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery, the Head On Portrait Award, and he was recently nominated for the Leica Oscar Barrack award. Curtis now resides in Southeast Asia, where he continues to work on perfecting his art and visual storytelling signature through various mediums.

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