Cristina De Middel

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Revela’t 2024 will host a large retrospective exhibition of the latest works by Cristina de Middel, the honored author of the twelfth edition of the festival. De Middel is a documentary photographer and artist from Alicante, winner of the Premio Nacional de Fotografía in 2017, and president of the renowned Magnum agency since 2022.

The retrospective will feature excerpts from the exhibitions Gentlemen’s Club, about prostitution from the perspective of clients to highlight the cultural differences and global secrets surrounding this industry; Journey to the Center, a photographic series that reimagines the migration route through Mexico to Central America as a heroic saga, using the structure and atmosphere of Jules Verne’s classic, Journey to the Center of the Earth; and The Kabuler, a collaboration with fellow Magnum member Lorenzo Meloni, exploring the return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of foreign troops.

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Cristina De Middel (Alicante)

After 10 years as a photojournalist, shifted her practice to a more conceptual approach in order to question the documentary value of photography.

In 2012 she produced the acclaimed series The Afronauts, triggering a decade of work around the role of photography in creating stereotypes. Besides her prolific career as an author, and as an active member of the photography community, Cristina has been invited to curate festivals like Lagos Photo, PhotoEspaña, and San José Photo in Uruguay.

She has published more than 14 photobooks and her work is constantly on show in different institutions and venues. Cristina lives in Brazil and is on the board of Vist Projects, a platform to support Latin American visual story-telling, and she is a member of Magnum Photos agency and its president since 2022.

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