Comas Contest & Revela’t

Surely we’ve eaten together sometime

This year, the collaboration of Comas & Partners has allowed us to have a laboratory, which will continue to grow, and so we will be able to carry out many activities apart from the festival. The laboratory is an experience in which you have to be present. In order to deepen this collaboration, we have thought of a contest that will allow you to participate from anywhere in the world, and we explain why.

Comas & Partners is a leader in hostelco and you will find its cutlery in thousands of restaurants around the world. That’s why we’ve titled this contest “Surely we’ve eaten together sometime”, and maybe you’ve never noticed this before!

Participate in our Comas & Revela’T Contest and win an incredible Atlántida Ice Black cutlery set of 48 pieces!


To participate, all you have to do is:

1. Take a photo of the Comas cutlery you find when eating out.

2. Share it on your Instagram stories and tag us!

You have until August 1 to participate.

If your profile is private, send us a screenshot to prove you posted it!
Don’t miss out!

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