Andrej Lamut


In the series “Persona”, Andrej Lamut explores the intricate layers of the human psyche. Drawing inspiration from the concepts of Carl Gustav Jung, the series unfolds as a visual journey through the complexities of human identity and the interaction between the self and society.

Lamut’s series delves into the concept of the persona, understood as the social mask we use to navigate the complexities of the external world.

As a crucial element for social interaction, this mask allows individuals to adapt, assume different roles, and survive in a demanding social landscape. However, as Lamut portrays, it can also overpower the conscious self or crumble, ushering in internal chaos. The human figures in Lamut’s compositions emerge as ethereal shadows, reflections, distortions, and scattered entities. Through these symbolic representations, Lamut’s work can serve as a poignant reminder of the eternal tension between our internal and external worlds.

Blanca Berlin

Andrej Lamut (Gothenburg, Slovenia)

He perceives photography as a form of expression beyond classical mimetic procedures. His work is characterized above all by a focus on the performative act itself, which encompasses all stages of the creative process. By intertwining form, process, presentation, and content, the artist addresses particular themes such as feelings of estrangement, liminal states of consciousness, and the unrecognizability of objects as things in themselves.

In 2018 and 2021, he was part of PARALLEL – European Photo Based Platform, during which he presented his work at the FORMAT festival in the UK, the Organ Vida festival in Croatia, and the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center in Hungary. He was shortlisted for the Emerging Photographer of the Year award at Photo London 2022. He is currently continuing his education in the Master’s Program in Fine Arts in Photography at HDK-Valand in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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