Aexandre Folgoso

A Bullet in the Chest

“A Bullet in the Chest” originates from Alexandre Folgoso’s participation in the latest Creation & Experimentation Residence of Revelat’ 2023.

This exhibition, composed of some images taken during the residency itself and materialized through some of the knowledge acquired therein, constitutes a maze of mirrors reflecting the polyhedral and performative nature of gender identity.

Images that return to the public their own reflection, exploring the portraiture of identity from a less solid and more expanded place.

Blanca Berlin

Alexandre Folgoso (Xinzo de Limia, Ourense​)

They are a self-taught photographer and language teacher based in Berlin. Immersed in the capitalism of the image, Alexandre advocates for analogue photography as a means to counter the fast-paced times of the digital era.

Specializing in cultural and literary studies, they play particular attention to the intersection between photography and literature while scrutinizing the ambiguous relationship between photography and truth, questioning the authenticity and reliability of both mediums.

Alexandre Folgoso’s deeply personal work explores the human condition, notably exploring questions related to gender identity, memory and fiction.

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