Experience Lith Printing

Workshop with Oliver Pera

Thursday, May 23rd

You’ll practice extensively and delve into the required theory alongside it in the process. You’ll explore the captivating world of lith printing, experimenting with various papers and developer dilutions.

You’ll discover the factors that affect the contrast and color of your prints, empowering you to steer your journey. “Infectious development” is inherent in lith printing, and once you try it, its allure is contagious.

So, be ready to catch the bug!

Oliver Pera

Representing „Entwicklungsprozess e. V.“ and @studio95nbg

Oliver has been working 15+ years as an instructor in a public darkroom in Nuremberg, Germany. With some friends, he has just set up a non-profit org („Entwicklungsprozess e. V.“) and a darkroom (the @studio95nbg) to provide a collaborative photography space to work, to learn and to grow.

He is a practitioner with 10+ years of experience in lith printing. He learned the basics from Wolfgang Moersch in 2012. Oliver lives and works in Nuremberg, Germany. Apart from photography, he’s been working for 25+ years in IT.

© Valentin Havenstein-Schilling


Bring a selection of B&W negatives, ideally some with a low-to-normal density which would benefit from a boost – keeping highlights high and pushing shadows into the dark.

Bring a broad selection of negatives so that we can choose between easy ones and not-so-easy ones and see how they turn out.

If you want to take your wet prints with you, please bring some safe carrier for your wet prints.

Workshop Information

23/05/2024 from 10:00 hs to 19:00 hs

Language: English

Price: 50€

Available in the LithPrinting + CO Fascination Pack. Purchase it at checkout.

Paper and chemicals included

Location: Carrer Balears, 12, 08339 Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona.

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