The portrait and other photographs

Workshop with Eduardo Momeñe

Friday, May 24th

Portraits and Other Photographs” is a theoretical course with practical purpose led by Eduardo Momeñe, aiming to provide some data and ideas that bring us closer to the process of creating studio portraits. Let’s understand the studio not as a special place filled with electronic flashes and sophisticated cameras with tripods, but as our space where we can “construct” our photographs. The studio concept proposes, above all, a controlled photography down to the smallest detail. Let’s say that portraiture and figure photography require certain protocols, and once known, they can help us solve our photographs with more awareness and better results, as well as simplify our photographic practice. “Portraits and Other Photographs” is not a lighting course – although light will logically be discussed – but an approach to the way – undoubtedly, there are others – in which Eduardo Momeñe works in one of the most exciting “topics” that photography offers, such as portraiture and any of its modalities.  

Eduardo Momeñe

Photographer and author of prominent essays on photographic aesthetics, Eduardo Momeñe has conducted numerous courses, workshops, and seminars. He experiences photography through teaching, the study of language, and the “pleasure” of making photographs. He is the author of “La Visión Fotográfica,” a reference book for introducing us to photography. Other books include “Las Fotografías de Burton Norton,” “El Placer de Fotografiar,” “We were not There,” and “Arts & Photographs.” He has brought his vision to the screen with projects such as the television series “La Puerta Abierta,” as well as through the magazine “Fotografías,” establishing himself as an influential figure in the photographic scene both in the editorial and audiovisual fields. His first photographic exhibition took place at the Nikon Gallery in Barcelona in 1974. Since then, his photographs have been exhibited in galleries and institutions in different countries and are part of public and private collections. From his studio in Madrid, he has taken fashion, illustration, and portrait photographs for magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, AD, or Style.  


Language: Spanish / Catalan

Museu Arxiu Municipal, Carrer Marqués de Barbarà, 9, Vilassar de Dalt

Friday, May 24th, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm

The price is 110€

Available in the Nacho Rivera + Eduardo Momeñe + Estela de Castro Pack, which includes this workshop along with “Photography and Mindfulness” and “About the Portrait”. Purchase it at checkout.

You only need something to take notes and a willingness to learn.

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