Portfolio Review

Are you convinced of the quality of your photographs and determined to go to the next level by making an exhibition, a photobook, or simply looking for an expert opinion to give your project a punch?
If you are one of the 18 participants, you will have the opportunity to present your projects to 10 experts in the field of photography, including gallerists, curators, festival directors, critics and publishers. For 3 hours, you will have the chance to receive valuable input and constructive feedback on your work for 20 minutes with each of them.
This Portfolio Viewing will not only give you the opportunity to get expert and professional feedback on your project, but it is also an excellent opportunity to establish contacts and give it a boost both nationally and internationally, as the viewers are particularly interested in getting to know talents like yours, and the scope of this activity is global.



Who can apply?

Photographers of any level, nationality, origin or place of residence, who work in the field of photography, both chemical and digital, can apply. It will be valued that the works have originality, projection and a powerful concept.
The stage of development of the project will not be taken into account.
There is no age limit, but minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian.
Possibility of viewing in Spanish or English.


The presentation of the works is done through PICTER, a platform that allows displaying them in the most suitable way for the jury members to make their assessments and selections.

In the PICTER form the following information is requested:

  • Between 10 and 15 images, in JPG, at least 1500px per side.
  • Description of the project (project title, project description, project year)
  • author (basic information and biography up to 1500 characters).

*The registration fee for the call is 20€ (10€ for friends). Only the 18 selected individuals will be required to pay a participation fee of 100€.

Development of the activity

The viewing will take place on Friday 24 May, in two shifts, morning and afternoon, with a total duration of 3 hours each shift.
During the viewing, the author will have a place assigned with his/her name and a table where to place his/her images, and the viewers will move from one table to the other in 20-minute periods.
*This method will allow the photographers to gain individual insights from each viewer and acquire diverse and personal knowledge and advice.
The 18 participants of the viewing will have an accreditation that will give them unlimited access to all the exhibitions of the festival and will be invited to a private dinner that same Friday after the opening, with the rest of the authors of the edition, residents, gallery owners, viewers… to be able to follow the conversations in a much more relaxed way and to create greater links with those professionals with whom they have connected during the activity. And also, why not, to have a bit of fun in the cosy space of the Fábrica de Cal Garbat 😉
The screening will take place on Friday 24 May, in two shifts of morning and afternoon, with a total duration of 3h each shift. You will have to select the shift when you register for the event
Morning shift: May 24th from 10am to 1:15pm.
Afternoon shift: May 24th from 16 to 19:15h


The jury that will select the eighteen photographers that will participate in the activity will be composed by Marc Ávila and the Revela’t management team.
The team of expert viewers that will comment your projects will be composed by ten professionals of the photographic field.

Roser Cambray

(MNAC Curator)

Coordinator of the Festival Int. de Fotografía SCAN Tarragona and, since 2015, she has been technical coordinator of the Pla Nacional de Fotografía de la Generalitat de Catalunya, where she is also a member of its Acquisitions Committee.
Since 2019, she has been curator of the Photography Department of the MNAC, where she has curated the exhibitions “Mey Rahola. The New Photographer”, “Rosa Szücs (1911-1984). Confluences in a changing world” and “Pere Formiguera Donation. The Creative Impulse”.

    Ramón Casanova

    (Lecturer and Doctor in Fine Arts)

    Visual artist, teacher and art researcher. PhD in Fine Arts, professor at the IEFC and the Department of Visual Arts and Design of the UB, professor of the Degree in Digital Arts at La Salle, URL.

    His lines of research are framed in the study and iconographic reinterpretation, as well as in the ontological analysis and phenomenology of the photographic image and its derivations.

    She designs transfer projects for museums, photography festivals, schools and public institutions.


    Natalia Chocarro

    (Art advisor to the President)

    Since 1999 she has worked at the Fundació Vila Casas, currently as Art Advisor to the President. She has curated projects such as “Isidre Manils. Fora de camp” (Museu Can Framis, February-May 2022), “Vicenç Viaplana. Els llocs de la pintura”, co-curated with Àlex Susanna (Espais Volart, January-May 2021), “Mayte Vieta. Estimar és un lloc (Loving is a Place)” (Museu de la Garrotxa, July-October 2021), “Antoni Tàpies. La resistencia del signo” (Castillo de Vila-seca, Tarragona, June 2020-January 2021)… Since 2014 he has published regularly in the magazine Bonart. Between 1995-98 he worked at the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona.

    Marta Dahó

    (Independent Curator and teacher)

    She has curated numerous exhibitions for prestigious international institutions such as Metrònom, Magnum Photos, the Mapfre Foundation, La Virreina, Arts Santa Mònica and Caixaforum.
    He has edited the book Fotografía y exposición. Saberes cruzados (2022), which brings together the cycle of conferences curated for the KBr Fundación MAPFRE.
    Since 2006 she has combined curating with teaching (Idep, Elisava, UPV and UNIR).

    © Photograohy Irene Medina

    Josep Maria de Llobet

    (IEFC Editor and director)

    Co-founder and editor of the photobook publishing house Ediciones Posibles, he is also the new director of the Institut d’estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya.
    His work as a photographer forms part of public and private collections, including the Banc Sabadell Art Collection, the National Photography Collection of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Library of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


    Rafael Doctor

    (Art historian and independent curator)

    He has worked at the MNCARS, Casa de América, and Canal de Isabel II. He created and directed the MUSAC, and served as director of the CAF (Andalusian Center of Photography).

    Currently, he directs the Encontros de Artistas Novos in Santiago de Compostela and the Editorial Los Doscientos.

    He is the founder of Capital Animal and the author of Monstersforanimals.com.

    Érika Goyarrola

    (Teacher and curator)

    Educator, curator, and cultural manager. Currently, she collaborates with the traveling exhibitions department of the La Caixa Foundation. She is a professor in the Bachelor of Arts and the Master’s in Cultural Management programs at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), as well as at various art and photography schools such as IDEP Barcelona and CFC Bilbao. She works in collaboration with the MAPFRE Foundation and has previously worked at the Jeu de Paume Museum (Paris), Carlos Arroyo Arquitectos Studio (Madrid), and Contact Press Images (NY).

    Rebeca Méndez


    After working in the museum field, he decided to apply his knowledge and experience to the relationship between the public and art. To this end, he founded the gallery El Catascopio in 2014, seeking solutions to the current problems of communication between art and public, and exploring new ways of interaction between them. In 2019 he started the new project Alalimón in a search for new formulas of gallerism.

    Alalimón promotes artists in national and international art circuits.

    Frederic Montornés

    (Art critic and curator)

    Among the exhibitions he has curated are “Especies de espacios”, held at Macba and the project “Obras los depósitos”, held in 10 museums in Catalonia in 2020.

    Since 2013, he has been publishing texts on art on an irregular basis at his web. Between 2017 and 2021, he was content director of the television programme Territorio Contemporáneo, produced by VOTV and broadcast by XAL. And between 2021 and 2023, he was curator of “Pasado/Presente”, a pilot programme of artistic interventions in 4 heritage spaces in Catalonia.
    © Photography Roberto Ruíz

    Silvia Omedes

    (Photographic Social Vision Director)

    Cultural manager, independent curator, agent for photographers, editor and teacher of documentary photography. She has directed the Photographic Social Vision Foundation since 2001.

    He has worked at the Guggenheim in New York, at the CCCB in Barcelona and for the World Press Photo Foundation in Amsterdam. He collaborates with the Albert Camús Incipiens Award, the Leica Oscar Barnack Award and the Joop Swart Masterclass grant. He is a member of the Committee of Experts that promotes the Pla Nac. de Fotografia de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

    © Photography Toni Ricard

    Nerea Ubieto

    (Independent Curator)

    Independent curator, collections advisor, lecturer on the PHE Master’s programme and critic for ABC Cultural. Extensive experience in the private and institutional sphere. Great activator of productive relationships with various artistic agents.
    She has curated important exhibitions, directed conference cycles, curatorial courses and workshops such as “Curaduría desde la escucha” at the Centro de Arte La Regenta (Las Palmas); “A ver si nos aclaramos” at Tabacalera Madrid and is a collaborating scriptwriter at Metrópolis RTVE.
     © Photography Germán Gómez
    Marc Ávila Català

    Marc Ávila Català

    (Activity coordinator) 

    Graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona (2019) and later graduated in the Master’s Degree in Contemporary Film and Audiovisual Studies at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona (2019-2021).
    His work has been exhibited in different festivals, exhibitions and art galleries.
    He joins the festival as a result of being the first winner of the Portfolio Screening and coordinates the screening from the next edition.

    And… The prize?

    Participating in the screening is an opportunity that can propel your project as far as you are willing, and the contacts and knowledge you can acquire on this day are, in themselves, a prize.

    But there’s more; from all the projects screened, one will be selected to participate as an exhibition in the Revela’t 2025 festival. The festival will take care of the production, setup, and expenses related to the exhibition.

    This prize will be selected by the Revela’t team, taking into account the opinions and advice of the viewers. The prize will be announced once the current edition is concluded.

    For the selection of the project to be exhibited in the 2025 festival, the quality of the project, its alignment with the theme of the 2025 edition, and its compatibility with the exhibition discourse will be considered.


    • Registration start date 19/12/2023
    • End date of registration 12/02/2024
    • Date of announcement of decision 11/03/2024
    • Event date 24/05/2024


    En blanco
    I would like to submit more than one project, is this possible?

    Yes, of course. You can submit as many projects as you wish, each one counts as one submission.

    Can I apply as a duo or collective?

    Yes, but in case you are selected, only one representative will be allowed to come to the screening day.

    Can I submit projects that have already been produced and typeset?

    The Portfolio Viewing is a great opportunity to make contacts and gain international exposure, but above all it is a moment to learn, listen and exchange opinions and criticisms with professionals who can make your project grow or improve in the future. You can present a finished project, but we encourage you to come open to give it a twist and welcome other views and contributions about it.

    What does the registration and participation fee cover?

    The €20 fee contributes to the administration and promotion costs that cover the selection process and the equipment and material for the event. If you are a Friend of Revela’t, as you already contribute to the festival in another way, you benefit from a 50% discount on the registration fee. In no case the registration fee will be refunded. The participation fee partially covers the expenses of the team involved in the event (coordination, production and jury). The participation fee (100€) will be paid ONLY by the photographers selected for the viewing. The friend discount does not apply to the participation fee.

    If I am a Friend of Revela't, how can I get my 50% discount?

    All Revela’t Friends will receive a CODE by mail to enter the call with the discount.

    Is it possible to listen in on the viewings?

    No, the Portfolio Viewing is a closed-door activity, which can only be attended by the photographers selected in the call.

    What happens if I am unable to attend the viewing?

    Any change of attendance and timetable must be notified at least 30 calendar days before the viewing day. In the event of not being able to attend, 50% of the participation fee will be refunded. If 30 days notice cannot be given, the participation fee will not be refunded, as it is considered that the organization does not have enough time to replace the vacant place.

    Can I submit a digital project?

    Yes, in the Portfolio Viewing you can submit both analogue and digital projects.

    If I am selected, can I carry the images on my computer?

    No. Selected photographers must bring their images on paper, size A5 to A3.

    Terms and Conditions

    Winners of previous editions

    “Fronton Walls in Spanish Villages” 2023
    Gunnar Knechtel


    “Hijos del ciervo” 2022
    José Luis Carrillo

    “Exodus” 2021
    Florence Cuschieri

    “Homo et Natura” 2020
    Marc Àvila

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