Residency of Creation and Experimentation 2023

Through a call that ended on March 29, to which 149 authors from 36 countries presented themselves, with their respective projects, 8 artists specialized in the field of photography or analog processes were selected to carry out the stay at the Residence of Photographic Creation and Experimentation. Those selected will share a workspace for one week, from June 4 to 11, 2023.
The residence is carried out with the aim of promoting cultural and artistic exchange between the participants and developing a collective project, which exceeds the sum of the individual works.
The work environment allows the participants to share their knowledge and procedures, as well as work with the various techniques, methods and processes chosen by them, and this meeting will result in an exhibition that can be seen at the 2024 festival.
The residency coincides with the festival’s featured weekend, so the participants will be able to attend the activities and experience the festival first-hand.


In each edition of the Residency there are two people who guide and accompany participants at all times. They are knowledgeable about the environment and the mechanics of work because they have participated on previous occasions. In past editions we have had the invaluable collaboration of Ana Tornel, Joaquín Paredes and Enrique Freaza.

Blanca Berlin

Laura Aubrée
Laura works between Brest and Paris. She defines her practice as an exploration. Traveling through her imagination, she randomly invites and refuses to record things but to create them. Focusing on the materiality of photography, Laura studies how photography still exists as a three-dimensional object in time and space. Through continuous experimentation, she creates what she calls photographic objects.

Blanca Berlin

Vareila Mairanga
Vareila is a Franco-Kenyan photographer who lives and works in Buenos Aires. She works in experimental analog photography, mainly pinhole, solarigraphy and chemogram. In 2017 she participated in the conception and construction of a minute camera. In his search for image research, she participates in workshops and laboratories of experimental cinema and contemporary art.

Those selected have been…

Thomas Jenkins
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Andrej Lamut

Santiago Martinez

Alexandre Folgoso
Spain, based in Berlin


Andie Riekstina
Latvia, based in Germany

Ria Wank

Julee Pinto
Brazil, based in Portugal

Work by participants from previous editions

Fabienne Forel

Cédric Friggeri

Brian Henry

Naroa Pérez

Thomas Stanka

Irene Zóttola

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