Portfolio Viewing Session 2024

The portfolio viewing is a closed activity, therefore you cannot attend unless you have been selected. It operates through a call that closed on February 20th, with 177 projects submitted by 148 authors from 29 countries.

From all the projects received, eighteen selected individuals have the opportunity to present their projects to nine out of the eleven experts we have in this edition. They are gallery owners, curators, festival directors, critics, and editors, who will spend 20 minutes with each, over 3 hours, providing insights, advice, and constructive feedback on their work.

This event offers an external and professional perspective on the projects in development and enables networking that can boost their careers nationally and internationally. Additionally, there’s the opportunity to win prizes provided by our partner brands.

It takes place in two sessions: morning or afternoon.


Activity development

The portfolio review will take place on Friday, May 24th, in two sessions, morning and afternoon, each lasting a total of 3 hours.

During the review, each author will have an assigned space with their name and a table to display their images. Reviewers will move from table to table in 20-minute intervals.

This method will allow photographers to gain individual insights from each reviewer and acquire diverse and personalized knowledge and advice.

The 18 participants in the review will receive accreditation granting them unlimited access to all festival exhibitions. They will also be invited to a private dinner on the same Friday after the opening ceremony, along with other authors, residents, gallery owners, reviewers, etc., providing an opportunity to network in a more relaxed atmosphere and build connections with professionals they have connected with during the activity. And of course, to have a good time in the cozy space of the Cal Garbat Factory 😉

You must select your preferred session when registering:

Morning Session: May 24th from 10 am to 1 pm

Afternoon Session: May 24th from 4 pm to 7 pm


The selected participants are

Mario Heller
Arctic Dreams


Ángel García Martos
The Spain that gets up early


Albert Giró
La Costa dels Altres


Radu Diaconu 



Vincent Wechselberger


Pep Pérez Guarro
Encants- 2019-2024


Liam Leslie
Fabulous Muscles



Arnau Sidera 
Para y Mirar



Krzysztof Racon 
“Are you an Englishman?”


Elo Vázquez


Vladimir Karamazov
In their place



Elisa Mariotti
A Letter From Home



Chloé Nicosia
One Hundred Trillion Dollars 


Pau Poveda
Isla de Perros


Mario Marco



Bruno Pereira Ribeiro 
The grass is not cut



Jaume Llorens


Marcos Afonso



The jury that will select the eighteen photographers who will participate in the activity will be composed of Marc Ávila and the management team of Revela’t.

The team of expert reviewers who will provide feedback on your projects will consist of ten professionals from the field of photography.

Roser Cambray

(Curator at MNAC)

Coordinator of the International Photography Festival SCAN Tarragona (2012-15), since 2015, she has been the technical coordinator of the Pla Nacional de Fotografia of the Generalitat de Catalunya, where she is also a member of its Acquisition Committee.

Since 2019, she has been a curator in the Department of Photography at MNAC, where she has curated the exhibitions “Mey Rahola. La nueva fotógrafa”, “Rosa Szücs (1911-1984). Confluences in “un mundo cambiante” y “Donación Pere Formiguera. El impulso creativo”

Ramón Casanova

(Lecturer and Ph.D. in Fine Arts)

Visual artist, educator, and art researcher. Ph.D. in Fine Arts, professor at IEFC and the Department of Visual Arts and Design at UB, professor in the Degree in Digital Arts at La Salle, URL.

His research focuses on the study and reinterpretation of iconography, as well as the ontological analysis and phenomenology of the photographic image and its derivations.

He designs transfer projects for museums, photography festivals, schools, and public institutions.

Onofre Bachiller

(Graphical Zoom Editor)

Photographer trained in IEFC and GrisArt Barcelona, Communication Technologies (Carto school), Master Design and Retro-Engineering of multimedia projects. (La Salle, Barcelona), Master in Critics and Management of Actual Art (IL3, UB). His works have been awarded in different biennials in Europe and Barcelona, shown in Arles, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Barcelona and other places in the Spanish geography. He has taken a workshop in Central America (Photography, Art al Desfet, sponsored by the Spanish Cultural Centre). Among his publishing publications, we must highlight Fotomatón (Identity Voluntary Mission) project on portrait and identity (long-run 1987-2000 published in 2014). Onofre defines his personal work as performative photography.
From 2009 to the present he has worked professionally as graphic editor of the Zoom reporting agency and has curatorial table commissioner, Mirades de Dona (Andorra 2016). Viewed in Full Contact (SCAN 2016 and 2018 Tarragona) and Visa pour l Image – Perpignan (2017, 2018, 2019,2023)

Marta Dahó

(Independent Curator and Educator)

She has curated numerous exhibitions for internationally prestigious institutions such as Metrònom, Magnum Photos, Fundación Mapfre, La Virreina, Arts Santa Mònica, and Caixaforum.

She edited the book “Photography and Exhibition: Crossed Knowledges” (2022), which compiles the lecture series curated for KBr Mapfre.

Since 2006, she has combined curatorial work with teaching (Idep, Elisava, UPV, and UNIR).

© Photography by  Irene Medina

Josep Maria de Llobet

(Editor and Director IEFC)

Co-founder and editor at the specialized photobook publisher Ediciones Posibles, he is also the newly appointed director of the Institut d’estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya.

His work as a photographer is part of public and private collections, including the Art Collection of Banc Sabadell, the National Photography Collection of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and the Library of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Érika Goyarrola

(Educator and Curator)

Educator, curator, and cultural manager. Currently, she collaborates with the traveling exhibitions department of the La Caixa Foundation, is a professor in the Bachelor of Arts and the Master of Cultural Management at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (OUC), as well as in various art and photography schools such as IDEP Barcelona or CFC Bilbao. She collaborates with the MAPFRE Foundation and has worked at the Jeu de Paume museum (Paris), Carlos Arroyo Arquitectos studio (Madrid), and Contact Press Images (NY).


Rebeca Méndez

(Art Gallery Owner)

After working in the museum sector, she decides to apply her knowledge and experience to enhance the relationship between the public and art. In 2014, she founded El Catascopio gallery, aiming to find solutions to current communication problems between art and the public, and exploring new ways of interaction between them.

In 2019, she started the new project Alalimón in search of new gallery formulas.


Marc Ávila Català

Marc Ávila Català

(Activity Coordinator)

Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona (2019) and subsequently completed the Master’s Degree in Contemporary Film and Audiovisual Studies at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona (2019-2021).

His work has been exhibited at various festivals, shows, and art galleries.

He joined the festival after being the first winner of the Portfolio Viewing and has coordinated the viewing since the following edition.

Frederic Montornés

(Art Critic and Curator)

Among the exhibitions he has curated, “Especies de espacios” stands out, held at the Macba, and the project “Obras los depósitos”, carried out in 10 museums in Catalonia in 2020.

Since 2013, he has been irregularly publishing texts about art on his website. Between 2017 and 2021, he was the content director of the television program Territorio Contemporáneo, produced by VOTV and broadcasted by XAL. And between 2021 and 2023, he was the curator of “Pasado/Presente”, a pilot program of artistic interventions in 4 heritage spaces in Catalonia.

© Photography by Roberto Ruíz

Nerea Ubieto

(Independent Curator)

An independent curator, collection advisor, lecturer in the Master’s program of PHE, and critic for ABC Cultural. She has extensive experience in both private and institutional settings and is highly skilled in fostering productive relationships with various artistic agents.

She has curated significant exhibitions, directed lecture series, curatorial courses, and workshops such as “Curaduría desde la escucha” at the Centro de Arte La Regenta (Las Palmas); “A ver si nos aclaramos” at Tabacalera Madrid, and collaborates as a scriptwriter for Metrópolis RTVE.

 © Photography by Germán Gómez

Previous Editions Winners

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Gunnar Knechtel


“Hijos del ciervo” 2022
José Luis Carrillo

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Florence Cuschieri

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