Open Call Winners 2023

We recently closed our call to exhibit at Revela’t 2023 with impressive numbers that demonstrate the importance and interest in analog photography. We have received 6,817 images, 506 projects from participants between the ages of 17 and 81 that make it clear that “analogue” has no age.

The decision was very difficult to take because of the quality of the proposal and the talent of the participants. We want to thank the jury for their hard work, but mostly we want to thank you for your trust, your projects and for keeping analog photography rolling!

The winners of the 2023 Open Call are:

Jean-Marc Caimi y Valentina Piccinni
Umana Natura

John Sanderson
Railroad Landscapes

Jenni Haili
Songs of Wit and Wisdom

Thank you again to you all for the participation and hopefully we will see you at Revela’t 2023.

The works of the Open Call participants will be screened at the Fàbrica Cal Garbat from the 3rd of june to the 18th.

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