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Revela’T is an international photography festival that has become a meeting point for photography lovers and especially for lovers of analog  photography  from all over the world.

Every year we are more people who attend this event born in Vilassar de Dalt (Barcelona) in 2013 and from 2017 expands its area of influence to Barcelona city, organizing the OFF Revela’T and in 2018 the first winter edition of the Revela’T Winter Madrid.

For this eigtht edition the scheduled dates are from June 5 to 21, 2020.

The exhibition will be open every day. During the first weekend there will be activities in Barcelona City; the second one will be the most important with the reception of the artists, fairs and other activities, and during the third and  last one only the exhibitions will be opened.

The commercial fair, photo market and the rest of the activities will change their location, we move to the center of Vilassar.

In connection with the 65th anniversary of the exhibition ‘The Family Of Man’, curated by Edward Steichen, the Revela’T International Analog Photography Festival takes this iconic exhibition as its leitmotiv for its eighth edition.

The Family Of Man is a part of the 1950s, a particularly convulsive decade in which large sociopolitical phenomena such as the Cold War and its consequent nuclear threat occured; the fight against racial segregation in the US and South Africa; major political changes in Argentina and Cuba; among many other movements all along the globe with an international reach. At the same time, and as an effect of this, the so-called Humanist Photography is consolidated, taking as its main axis the person, extolling and emphasizing his qualities, his values, his spirit and his dignity. This current with a strong social and documentary accent, portraits ordinary life with an eye on the projection of a future full of greater optimism.

Humanity, a portrait of the present, the theme of 2020 >


Closed exhibition works of more than 20 photographs.


The organization invites collectors and gallery owners to the festival’s exhibitions at each edition. Taking advantage of this fact, all those photographers who wish to do so, may put on sale the work on display. To carry it out, each author selected in the call will send a list of prices to the organization of the festival,  where it will contemplate the comission of 30% for the organizing entity, in this case, the “Asociación Fotográfica Espaifoto”

We like that some of the activities of the Revela’T are located in different places so they reach many more people. In 2017 we started with 3 exhibitions in Barcelona downtown. In 2019 we had 15. 13 participating cultural spaces and art galleries encompassing the entire city map, extending the festival’s impact and the presence of analog photography throughout the city’s quarters. By 2020 we have requests from other galleries in Barcelona to join the initiative, but we would like also that other cities participate.

If you have an analog exhibition which fits this edition’s theme and a gallery (wherever you are) willing to expose it, contact us and we explain you how to do it

Organizing a cultural project like this is, and it seems it will still be.

It’s been eight years and nothing would make us happier than to celebrate many more. To make this possible we invite you to collaborate with us. You can do this in many ways; by purchasing the festival products, by signing up for the different activities, becoming a friend or simply buying the ticket.

If you have a company and want to collaborate for the interest of analog photography we will be delighted and we are sure that we find the way…

Help us to make it possible!