Photograph of Marc Ávila Català, winner of the “Exhibition at Revela’T 2021” award in the viewings of the last 2020 edition.


In this unusual year we have learned to value (more) certain things that perhaps we had forgotten, time has acquired a new dimension, and we have possibly used it to do what always demanded a better moment, we may even have become more creative than before … but, above all, we have learned that culture and art are the food of our soul.

For this reason, in this edition of 2021 we will focus on showing works, perhaps more personal, more introspective, more authoritative, philias or phobias, obsessions, that which we have not stopped doing repeatedly (photography) and that in the end we have realized that defines us, that shows our own universe.

Their own universes, in the plural, because each one has its own. This motto is very broad and can accommodate many and very different themes, it is open to all kinds of projects and proposals.

It’s up to you. Without fear. What job is the one that would best define you as a photographer? That is the one we want to see, show us, participate in the ninth edition with great photographers and many other exhibitions.

Surely we will see many small-format works, intimate and emotional works, but we will also take to the streets, allowing ourselves the licence of technical hybridization to see large formats, and also, why not ?, collections (which are already their own universes), installations, montages, we would like to explore other formats, tell us what you do …

Participating is very easy….



  • The call was open until February 28, 2021
  • The results of the call will be announced in mid-March 2021


Moritz Neumüller

He is an independent curator, who works mainly in the photographic medium and digital art, for biennials, festivals and international museums.

He holds a degree in History of Art and Economics, and an interdisciplinary doctorate in new media from the University of Vienna. He has worked for institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the PHotoEspaña festival in Madrid. He is the general curator of Aarhus PhotobookWeek (Denmark), a teacher at IDEP Barcelona and director of the photography area at IED Madrid.

He has an Instagram profile named @thecuratorship and it’s a platform for artists in the field of photography and visualarts.

Rebeca Mutell

Dra. In Fine Arts from the UB and extraordinary doctorate award for her thesis Catching the light. Origin and materiality of photography.
She is a member of GREDITS, Grup de Recerca en Disseny i Transformació Social, in Bau, attached to U-Vic, where she works as a photography teacher. She was one of the founding members of AtelieRetaguardia (2007-2012). Currently, she directs together with Martí Llorens the cultural association Factoría Heliográfica, dedicated to research and the artistic practice of photography.

Fernando Peracho

Director and owner of the Valid Foto BCN gallery

He has a degree in Fine Arts, restoration and photography. From 2001 to 2009 he was responsible for photography at the Hartmann Gallery in Barcelona. In 2009, he co-founded the Valid Foto BCN gallery, a gallery specialized in photography, where he currently works as a director. Since 2015 he has promoted BIPA, the Barcelona International Photography Prize.

Arnaud Laroche

He studied cinema at the Free Conservatory of French Cinema to continue his training as an editor and director.

In 2001 he participated as an author photographer in a group exhibition, called Les Boutographies, of which he took over in 2002 to make it one of the most important contemporary photographic events in France.

Meritxell Alvarez

Co-Founder and Director of Projekteria [Art Gallery], a Barcelona-based gallery focused on contemporary artistic photography of emerging artists, and curator of the Young Gallery Weekend Festival Barcelona.


Various awards are established

1st PRIZE (1)

  • Physical exhibition at the Revela’T 2021 festival.
  • It includes the production of the exhibition (or compensation if it has been produced personally).
  • Travel and accommodation during the main weekend.

2nd PRIZE (5)

  • 5 finalists who will be able to exhibit 5 photographs in a group exhibition at the Revela’T 2021 festival

3rd PRIZE (several, not determined)

  • Possibility of exhibiting in any of the galleries of the OFF circuit, in Barcelona and other cities (According to needs and demand of each gallery)

All winners

  • Inclusion on the festival website and publications.
  • VIP pass to the festival.
  • Automatic inclusion in Portfolio Viewing 2021.
  • Visibility by professionals, gallery owners, collectors and the public.