Revela’T is an international photographic festival that has become a meeting point for lovers of photography and especially for those passionate about analog photography, who are becoming more and more and come from remote places.

In an era in which digital technology dominates, Revela’T advocates for these other photographic procedures that require a more relaxed look and tempo, as well as for sharing experiences, knowledge, and establishing contact and synergies with other people, institutions and projects.


The theme of the sixth edition of the festival refers to the poem by Homer (Ulysses) that tells the adventures of Odysseus on his journey from the conquered Troy to his return home, Ithaca. The word “Odyssey” has come to mean in the universal language “trip full of adventures”. A journey, where the final destination ceases to be the main objective and becomes the journey itself, a path that enriches and transforms us, in such a way that we will never be the same as when it started.

In Revela’T we will experience, see and discuss about photography but above all we will live and feel it. A wide program of exhibitions, talks, debates, demonstrations, workshops, exhibition and sale stands; We will have relevant figures at national and international level … and many other surprises!

Revela’T wants to bring together dreamers, non-conformists, the intrepid, the tireless, those who are not afraid to try and explore paths different from the usual ones.

Here we are waiting for you!

Exhibitions opened during the weekend, and the weekdays under request