Ignacio Navas


“Kickflip” is a photographic project materialized into a video game through an interactive audiovisual installation. This work gathers the testimony of a group of friends whose adolescence, in the early 2000s, revolves around the skatepark of Tudela.

As part of a recovery act of shared memory, the viewer explores this place to discover photographs, found documents, and voice recordings where each individual of this group of friends recounts their own experiences, offering new perspectives on topics related to adolescence, such as academic failure, self-discovery of sexuality and identity, or exploration of different musical subcultures.

The collection of these stories not only reflects the nuances of a personal history but also aims to critically review the values, stereotypes, and behaviors of middle-class teenagers who have grown up in provincial cities.

Blanca Berlin

Ignacio Navas (Tudela, Navarra.)

While pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, he specialized in photography at the Blank Paper School, developing a solid background in documentary photography. He also completed a Master’s degree in Cultural Management at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, leading him to play an active role in cultural and collective projects.

In his work, Navas creates everyday narratives that delve into the complexities and contradictions of Western society. Investigating how political, economic, or social structures shape our daily lives. In his most recent projects, he explores new interactive paths by creating interactive experiences and non-fiction video games based on photographic imagery.

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