Open Call 2023

Revela’t, as well as a festival of contemporary analogue photography, aims to be also a projection platform where emerging photographers and others of international importance are at the same level. We believe in the strength of projects and to give opportunities to everyone equally.

We open two new calls:

The Residency of Creation and Photographic Experimentation, in which you can share a week with other artists from around the world developing a project for Revela’t 2024. You want to share your experiences, learn other creative processes, meet people with similar interests, disconnect and expose in the next Revela’t? This is the best chance to do it.

The Portfolio Review, where you can show your portfolio to nine experts in the photographic field, receive their inputs and advice, give the potential that your work deserves, revalue your artwork, make important contacts and win awards that include the production and exhibition of your work. Jump into your career with this great opportunity.