What you can see, what you can’t see and what you need to know about the festival…

Behind Revela’T there is no big entity, we do it from a small non-profit association, with a lot of effort and with the same commitment with which we started. This year we will celebrate the 10th edition, and we hope as always to have your unconditional support.

We have to confess that now we have a small (or not so small) problem that we want to share with you; and that is that the festival wants to keep growing and we need a stable source of funding, apart from grants and the little private sponsorship we have. Discarding drastic solutions, we have thought about those of you who come to Revela’T every year. We don’t ask for much effort, just that you become a Friend of the festival, with a small annual contribution that will entitle you to tickets and many other things during the festival and throughout the year. It’s a way to advance your commitment and contribute in a romantic (why not) and at the same time practical way, to celebrate Revela’T for many years to come.

If you want to know more, go to the long version, it’s all better explained. Thank you very much for your support.

This 2022 we will celebrate the tenth edition of the Revela’T festival, and we have always been proud to say that the credit goes to you, the ones who, after that first edition, started to continue with this great adventure that has been going on for the last two years. After that, other initiatives and festivals, brands that started to manufacture again and finally a boom of the analogue that we could hardly have guessed and the best of all, driven by young people, with a renewed vision and who don’t talk about nostalgia any more.

We started Revela’T out of commitment to analogue, with a lot of passion, a bit of naivety and without knowing where we were. In this time we have learnt a lot, and we have been trained in many disciplines to be able to grow Revela’T as we believe we need to. We have met wonderful people, from the world of Photography, Art and Culture and that’s the best thing we have achieved, Friends around the world. Maybe for this reason, it may seem that organizing a festival like Revela’T is very glamorous and so many people have come up with it in the last few years. What you can’t see is that there is a lot of hard work and also a lot of disappointments.

The festival has grown more than its budget and there is no financially solid organization behind it, just a small non-profit organization with passionate people, who do it on the spur of the moment and are uncertain whether we will be able to hold a new edition from one year to the next, making it very difficult to maintain it and make it grow. However, so far we have been very lucky, and in this past 2021 we have had the support of various institutions, a couple of sponsors with direct contributions and others in kind; and we are infinitely grateful to all of them.

So far, we have increased our income and contributions year after year, but we are still just covering the festival’s budget. They say that the ideal proportion is 33%+33%+33% (subsidies+sponsorship+own contribution) but the reality is quite different, 60% comes from subsidies, 10% from sponsorship and 30% from tickets, merchandising, quotes and other actions.

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to access institutional funding. Everything is done on a competitive basis, which is becoming increasingly bureaucratic and in most cases the resolution (which can be positive, but also negative) comes when the programme has already been designed and the budgets have already been set. Moreover, there are subsidies that arrive from one year to the next and this means that we have an open credit line that is sometimes below minimums, generating profits for the bank and losses for us. In some cases we even have to carry out audits to justify the subsidies, which, between requesting them, following them up and justifying them, takes up a good part of the year, time that we could spend on improving the festival. It’s a good thing that one day the institutions will ease these formalities.

On the other hand, in the business world there is little awareness of cultural sponsorship, and it’s hard to find companies to support us, although there are now some initiatives to raise awareness of the benefits of associating business and culture, which we hope will soon begin to bear fruit.

Thanks to one of these business sponsorships, since the beginning of this year we have a new office, and we have finally been able to build a solid and stable team. We try to make sure that all the participants, exhibitors, commissaries, speakers, etc. feel rewarded through fees, production, travel, etc. We give work to many companies and self-employed people for the organization and production of the festival and moreover, we bring a lot of people to the town and the region, which also benefits restaurateurs, hotels, bars, shops… In this way, all that is invested in the festival generates money that is distributed until it reaches the bottom of the pyramid. This means that the whole of society benefits, and it is therefore a safe and equitable way of investing money in culture, with all the social enrichment that this entails. Another reason to ease the way for those who build it from outside the institutions.

As well as continuing to seek sponsorship, we also need to increase the share of our own funds. Setting ticket prices is complex; it would be easier if it were a music festival, where most people are willing to pay much more than to see exhibitions or lectures, and sponsors also see more return.

This is when we appeal to you to help us, all of you who follow and love Revela’T and want it to stay alive. We don’t ask you to make a big effort, and you can do it in many ways, and one in particular, becoming a Friend of the festival. With an annual or periodical subscription, the Revela’T will be a bit more yours, you will help us to face the whole year with security, and in exchange you will have free tickets, discounts and many other advantages and surprises. You can also do it in other ways; above all by coming to the festival and bringing friends/friends who have never been, helping us to spread the word about the activities we do, offering us your experience or maybe even volunteering…

And if you are an entrepreneur or if you are motivated to contribute in a more direct way to a cultural and relevant event in the field of Culture and Photography, we are open to all kinds of suggestions and collaborations. We are currently in the process of applying to become an Entity of Public Interest, which will make us a foundation, so that patrons will be able to deduct a large part of their contribution (however small it may be), and even more so if the hoped-for improvement of the Law on Patronage goes ahead.

If you have made it this far, you are surely one of us. We want to continue, with your help, we want to think about the 20th edition and we are optimistic. If we find more sources of funding, Revela’T will be guaranteed, but if not, we will have to reduce the format or in the worst case it will disappear, which we will do everything we can to avoid and it will always be the first option…

If you want to become a friend, here we explain how.

If you want to participate in a more direct way, our contact is down below.

Welcome! Let’s hope that this 10th edition of Revela’T is the beginning of a long life!!!!