In 2022 we will celebrate the tenth edition of the festival. It seems like a lot of TIME, but everyone knows that the speed of time is inversely proportional to how much you enjoy it. We have enjoyed a lot  and that’s why it flew by.

They say that TIME is linear and always works in one direction, forward, although with photography we can look back, and this, to those of us who have already certain age, makes us realize that as it progresses, it favors us less. 😉 “Tempus fugit, …” you’ve probably seen it in some sundial, a Latin expression that reminds us that TIME escapes us, and invites us not to lose it. And what better way to do that than participating in this call for the 2022 edition.

We have to tell you that this time we will choose many more projects from the call, that there will be more prizes and that participating in it can open many doors for you and make TIME pass you even faster, or maybe slower, you choose.

The motto this year will be “Tempus Fugit…”, a veeeeery broad concept, that can give a lot of itself, and opens to many interpretations: long-term (or short) projects, long exposures, periods, clocks, measurements, comparisons, movement, freezing… whatever you think will surely fit.

You just have to try. You have TIME until January 1, 2022.

Are you in?


The open  call closed with the participation of 333 projects from people from 43 different countries. The general level was quite high and the jury spent a few days voting, with this final result:
The winner of the first prize, (with 23 points, out of a possible 25) was the French Florence Cuschieri with her work “Exodus”.
In second place, tied in points (21) are the works “Oasis: In our quarantine yard” by Irmina Anna Walczak (Poland), and “Ignoscentia” by Sina Niemeyer (Germany).



It is a project about the scars of a “forgotten people” that explores, with photography and image documents, the notions of memory, housing and exile.
The artist questions the memory of a moment, sites and known people.
This project is conceived as a search for a proper identity, a personal research on the past of the exile of his ancestors.


“Oasis: In our quarantine yard”

It is a series created during the 95 days of his family’s confinement in a Spanish countryside, the place where they were surprised by the closure.
It explores the experience of social distancing in a rural area where space is expanded, but at the same time, human presence is scarce. Contact with nature is intensified and silence and leisure are filled by observing natural events.



Her work manages to open up the subject of child sexual abuse to others by using subtle images that function as metaphors and thus leave room for interpretation itself. She combines different methods such as photography, video, sound, writing, graphic design and various layers of material such as old family images, destroyed images, self-portraits and found objects.

In addition to these first 3 exhibitions, we have also exhibited those of the 3rd classified (with 19 points), which are 8 more projects.
And at the same time, give the possibility to those classified with 17 and 15 points, to exhibit in the OFF galleries, both in Barcelona and in other cities of Catalonia and the State, according to the needs and demand of these.


Moritz Neumüller

He is an independent curator, who works mainly in the photographic medium and digital art, for biennials, festivals and international museums.
He holds a BA in Art History and Economics and an interdisciplinary doctorate in new media from the University of Vienna. He has worked for institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the PHotoEspaña festival in Madrid. He is general curator of the Aarhus PhotobookWeek (Denmark), professor at IDEP Barcelona and director of the photography area at IED Madrid.
He has an Instagram profile with the name @thecuratorship which is a platform for artists in the field of photography and visual arts.

Rebeca Mutell

Dra. En Bellas Artes por la UB y premio extraordinario de doctorado por su tesis Atrapando la luz. Origen y materialidad de la fotografía.
Es miembro de GREDITS, Grupo de Investigación en Diseño y Transformación Social, de Bau, adscrito a U-Vic, donde trabaja como profesora de fotografía. Fue uno de los miembros fundadores de Atelie Retaguardia (2007-2012). Actualmente, dirige junto a Martí Llorenç la asociación cultural Factoria Heliogràfica, dedicada a la investigación ya la práctica artística de la fotografía.

Fernando Peracho

Director and owner of the Valid Foto BCN gallery
He has a degree in Fine Arts, restoration and photography. From 2001 to 2009 he was responsible for photography at the Hartmann Gallery in Barcelona. In 2009, he co-founded the Valid Foto BCN gallery, a gallery specialized in photography, where he currently works as a director. Since 2015 he has been promoting BIPA, the Barcelona International Photography Prize.

Arnaud Laroche

He studied cinema at the Free Conservatory of French Cinema to continue his training as an editor and director.
In 2001 he participated as an author photographer in a group exhibition, called Las Boutographies, of which he took over in 2002 to make it one of the most important contemporary photographic events in France.

Meritxell Alvarez

Co-Founder and Director of Projektería [Art Gallery], a Barcelona-based gallery focused on contemporary artistic photography of emerging artists, and curator of the Young Gallery Weekend Festival Barcelona.