In 2022 we will celebrate the tenth edition of the festival. It seems like a lot of TIME, but everyone knows that the speed of time is inversely proportional to how much you enjoy it. We have enjoyed a lot  and that’s why it flew by.

They say that TIME is linear and always works in one direction, forward, although with photography we can look back, and this, to those of us who have already certain age, makes us realize that as it progresses, it favors us less. 😉 “Tempus fugit, …” you’ve probably seen it in some sundial, a Latin expression that reminds us that TIME escapes us, and invites us not to lose it. And what better way to do that than participating in this call for the 2022 edition.

We have to tell you that this time we will choose many more projects from the call, that there will be more prizes and that participating in it can open many doors for you and make TIME pass you even faster, or maybe slower, you choose.

The motto this year will be “Tempus Fugit…”, a veeeeery broad concept, that can give a lot of itself, and opens to many interpretations: long-term (or short) projects, long exposures, periods, clocks, measurements, comparisons, movement, freezing… whatever you think will surely fit.

You just have to try. You have TIME until January 1, 2022. Are you in?