Residency of Creation and Photographic Experimentation 2022

The Residency for Photographic Creation and Experimentation is one of the fundamental pillars on which the Revela’T festival is built and has become more than just a meeting place for photographers from all over the world who have the opportunity to express themselves during the festival and live with other artists who are moved by the same passion.

This residence is the seed of a community that grows year after year around the common interest in sharing, living and experimenting with analogical, historical or modern processes, from new approaches to contemporary chemical photography.

What does the activity consist of?

The objective of the activity is to carry out a cultural and artistic exchange to promote and develop an individual or collective project among the participants: a project that goes beyond the mere sum of individual works. It is, in effect, to bring together several photographers, each with his or her vision, sensitivity, approach and experience, with their knowledge and techniques, and to achieve a communicating vessels effect, in which to learn and permeate the knowledge of the other participants. This work environment will allow sharing concepts and procedures, as well as working with the different techniques, methods and processes chosen by the participants. Work teams can be formed according to the preferences of the participants, the conditions of the places to be photographed or the needs of the photographed.

Where and when?

The Residence of Creation and Photographic Experimentation 2022 will be held in Vilassar de Dalt, very close to Barcelona, where the residents will stay in a rural house. The Festival headquarters is located in the same town, and you will be able to walk to all the exhibitions and activities organized.

The dates of the residency are from September 11 to 18, that is, coinciding with the dates of the Main Weekend.

Participants 2022

The participants of this call are the following eight: