Retratos de papel y plata

One of the subjects that has always interested him most in the field of photography has been portraiture, but it was not until the beginning of 2011 when he really began to devote all his interest and dedication to it.

The portraits that can be seen in this exhibition were made from 2016, in the same period of time in which he decided to reuse the old analogue cameras of my youth, correspond to a selection of people from the photographic field and masters of photography that he has had the privilege of being able to meet and portray over the last few years, In short, they are portraits taken in an atmosphere of complicity, with the minimum resources and on neutral backgrounds as is usual for him, with no other aim than to be able to enjoy those unique and unrepeatable moments that the course of life has been good enough to offer him.

Xavier Gómez


In the 1980s he studied photography with Manel Úbeda and Joan Fontcuberta at the Centre for Image and Architecture at the Barcelona School of Architecture.

In 2002, he decided to combine his work as an architect with taking up his photography studies again, so he decided to start a training course tailored to his interests, attending different seminars on photography, among which we can highlight those given by Gervasio Sánchez, Rosa Olivares, Alberto García-Alix, Chema Conesa, Mattia Insolera, José Manuel Navia, Pau Maynés, Cristina García Rodero, Javier Vallhonrat, Eduardo Momeñe, Pierre Gonnord, Rafael Doctor Roncero, Israel Ariño and Juanan Requena among others.

Throughout these years his work has focused mainly on the theme of portraiture, developing different projects, some of which can be consulted on his website.