Four walls in a field we see escaping through the rearview mirror. A closed door. Clothes hanging out to dry. Memories reminding us that we are who we were. Gazing at horizons where old words resonate. The breadcrumbs exhibition includes a collection of photographs taken by Xavier Bas Baslé in recent years in various places around Catalonia,Castile and Aragon. A search for gestures that we repeat over and overagain, ever since we began to gather around the hearth.


Xavier Bas

Barcelona, 1960. Tried his hand at literary contests, to no avail. Spends a lifetime working as a project manager. Occasionally also teaches.
Something read in 2016 led him to roam around and take pictures in stolen moments. Within his larger breadcrumbs project, he explores whether these images could constitute a narrative of their own.

Photography laboratory, developing and printing.


Opening: Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 6:30 p.m.