I come from the path behind you

The views she sees and sounds she hears today are similar yet different from what she saw and heard yesterday.

Every day is a repeat of another, and yet each day is different somehow.

Somewhere else, someone might be experiencing similar views and similar sounds.

Somewhere else, someone is feeling joy or facing challenges just like she is doing here.

All she knows is that our paths might never cross, but we are mysteriously connected standing on this Earth.

Gravity pulls us all to the ground, and we exist in time while the sun rises and sets, as the moon waxes and wanes.

Tomoko Nagakawa

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom 

She uses an analogue printing technique on selected papers to create visually minimalist yet imaginatively expansive objects that serve as a suggestive launchpad for open interpretation.

She explores us to feel connected to the invisible in our daily surroundings. This liminal space attached to our primordial silence which is materialized by her hand into a physical object to reach others, just like the process of writing letters, is the most important theme she continues to explore.