“Huella” is a project that was born at the end of 2020 with the idea of restoring and recovering those old family photos that are engraved in the author’s mind.

In this search process he realized the lack of accuracy in the memories he had of them.

Once recovered and unconsciously, he was transforming these photographs and looking for links in his own negatives, with which he gradually built this new memory in which he talks about the alteration of memories, the passage of time and the fragility of them.

Sergio Ibannez


In 2021 he completed his Master’s studies in photography at the Centro de Fotografía Contemporánea de Bilbao and in 2022 he will publish his first photobook “El Efecto Casimir”, which deals with concepts such as emptiness, matter, time and attraction.

His photographic work focuses on experimenting with the unknown as a way of trying to answer existential doubts. 


Opening: Friday, September 9, 2022