Gallegos del Río

Genealogy and Altar are part of a larger project entitled “Gallegos del Río” (2016-2022), which was born around the house where his paternal grandparents lived (Zamora). The risk of collapse encouraged him to make different artistic interventions with which to reflect on the autobiographical.

Genealogy is an artist’s book with nods to the family album where both analog and digital material, inherited and produced, are related on the common thread of the crack, thus reconciling two different temporalities.

Altar is a death mask of the experiences and memories evoked by the house and symbolically contained in the living room furniture, a generalized autobiographical scenario in every home.


Rodrigo Flechoso


He is a visual artist, researcher and university teacher based in Madrid. He is currently working on his doctoral thesis on the self-referential in art and in his own work with a research contract at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University. He received the National End of Career Award and the Extraordinary Award for best academic record in the Degree in Fine Arts.

He is interested in any subject related to self-representation in artistic practice, paying special attention to the autobiographical as a thread and trigger of everything he works on.