Each of the works presented here is a unique piece, the result of the collaboration of two artists, the painter Anna Couderc and the photographer Ricardo Guixà.

The generic theme of the set is a reflection on the idea of the passage of time and the expiration of the material, reflected through the representation of flowers in their brief life process, poetically showing the different phases of their life, from full maturity to withering and death.

The result is evocative photographs that reinforce their metaphorical dimension through a pictorial intervention, which gives them a new plastic and visual force.

Ricardo Guixà  / Anna Couderc


Ricardo Guixà

D. in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, his creative work explores the frontiers of photography under an existentialist perspective, seeking to overcome the limits of the visible to show a more complex and fascinating reality than we can know through our senses.

Anna Couderc

With a PhD in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, she has consolidated a technically brilliant and deeply emotional work. Her materials, oxides and fluids mutate alchemically evoking the passage of time, transforming the skin of the painting into a living terrain in constant chromatic metamorphosis, exorcizing illness and pain.