La nueva mirada analógica 

An initiative that has been organized since the beginning of the year through Instagram from the images tagged with the hashtag #revelatxharpo.

It has been done jointly with Harpo Magazine and has allowed the development of a collective exhibition, with a new, young and fresh look, around the theme proposed in this edition, “Tempus Fugit“.

Finally, from the winners of these six editions, 30 photographs have been selected to be exhibited physically at the festival and belong to: Anaïs Loran, Andrea Alvarado, Antonio Bouzas, Ángel Vidarte, Carlos Fernández Muñoz-Reja, Duna Vallès Mestre, Carolina Romillo Marín, Daniel Herrera Castellano, Noa Mar, Jaime Rod, Enric Ramoneda Navarro, Cris Morera, Raquel Luna Rodríguez, Jacqueline Montalvo, Teresa Suárez , Jessica North, Iara Silva , Maria Varo, Olga Novillo Sanjuan, Paula Yubero, Juan Naranjo Sánchez, Pau Poveda Escurriola, Paula Gracia Larrégola, María Fernández Caballero, Miguel Carnerero Roselló, Jaime Calisto, Marina Berjón López, Sara Wong,

Revelat x Harpo

Harpo is an independent magazine of analog photography whose objective is to give voice to the work of a new generation of visual artists who bet on the analog format in the digital era and to be a meeting point for all those who love photography as a means of creation and reflection.

They are a small team of passionate people formed by Bárbara Balcells, Alessandra Giorcelli, Arnau Sidera and Víctor Balcells.