La casa de la portera

We are living in times where queer is experiencing a process of normalization – even trivialization – that generates great controversy among the LGBTIQ+ community. Raúl Hidalgo’s “La casa de la portera” is an opportunity to enjoy a totally authentic queer project. From its genesis, location, protagonists, objectives, … Completely distanced from the ‘culture of the spectacle’, denounced by Guy Debord in the sixties.

“La casa de la portera” embraces the genre of intimist photography. Just as Larry Clark, portrayed in black and white his most personal world in Tulsa, Raul offers us a look at queer from the inside, from his own experience and belonging to the collective.

The simplicity of the images -many of them almost minimalist- without artifice or scenery, delegate all the protagonism to the figure/look of the person, because they are real people. They are not models posing for the idea of a photographer, here the photographer in a totally altruistic way gives all the protagonism to the person in front of us, putting only the light and the darkness on his side. Using the chiaroscuro, almost like a demiurge, in the search for authenticity. Without stereotypes, clichés or anything to hide.

Understanding his art as a tool for change and social transformation.

Raúl Hidalgo


Specialized in portraits, he always works in analog and likes the whole process of chemical photography.

His work is intimate and with a poetic undertone; he is mostly inspired by cinema, in authors such as Pasolini, Bergman, Yasujiro Ozu, among others. Most of his portraits are of the LGBTQ+ community, artists and friends. One of his most outstanding projects is “Shot by shot“, where he portraits well-known photographers and film directors such as Greg Gorman, Bob Gruen, Sakiko Nomura, Jonas Mekas, Isabel Coixet….

He has published in fashion magazines and several art magazines. He has held several exhibitions and has work in the permanent collection of the XCèntric. In 2021 he launches his most personal project “Desde el silencio“, where he talks about the unstoppable loss of his hearing.

In 2022 he co-founded the collective BLEACH with Alex Domènech, with which they will address, in the form of publications, issues related to identity and dissidence in the LGTBIQ+ environment.

Torroella de Montgrí

Opening: Friday, September 2 at 6:30 p.m.