Años en Plata

The prints on display are a time capsule, a testimony of the author’s biography. Almost all of them were taken to illustrate reports in the travel section of the newspaper El País. With the passage of time, however, they have been transformed into a sort of personal diary, a graphic record of the photographer’s youth, dated between the late 80’s and the mid 90’s. Each photograph contains a small intra history, generally a short history of the photographer’s life. Each photograph contains a small intra history, generally happy, although some hide dramatic events. Returning to them provokes in the author a certain melancholy, also the nostalgia of a bygone era.

These vintage copies on barite paper are the survivors of hundreds of enlargements created in a poorly ventilated laboratory. The rest have succumbed to the passage of time or have been scattered around the world as gifts to old friends. They constitute, literally and figuratively, the “Años en Plata” of a photographer who, for health reasons, with the turn of the century left behind the domains of the red light.

Rafa Badia 

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands

He is a photographer, graphic editor and professor specialized in photographic narrative and documentary photography. He graduated in Information Sciences (Audiovisual Communication) from the Complutense University of Madrid in 1987.

His professional life has focused on the field of photographic image, working as an author, graphic editor for publications and teacher in photography schools and universities in Spain. He is the author of three photobooks: A Barcelona (2009), Barcelona blues (2015) y Años en Plata (2021).