These photographs were taken twenty years ago, just twice as long as the festival is now.

They are portraits of people who somehow have been part of the social life of Vilassar and have shaped certain idiosyncrasy of the town.

You will no longer find them in Vilassar, because time, the fundamental reason for this edition, no longer counts for them.

Some have left us recently, others longer ago, although surely many of those who now reside in Vilassar, have known them and remember them. Perhaps the younger generations have heard of them, and now they will be able to put a face to them.

Let them serve, then, as a memory and tribute to all of them in this year of celebration.

Pep Mínguez

Vilassar de Dalt

Linked from a very young age to the world of photography. In 1979, he founded the Centre d’Estudis de la Imatge i la Fotografia, and with the expansion of the Internet he set up the website Espaifotografic with Joan López, which ended up being the seed of the Revela’T festival.

He is also the director of the festival since its inception, and together with a small multitasking team he dedicates himself entirely to it, and therefore takes far fewer photographs than he would like to.

A few years ago he did individual and collective exhibitions, but this is the first one at Revela’T and probably the last one, as this has been a very special case.

The portrait is from the same period as the photographs, so you won’t find the same Pep either.