His photographic research tells no stories. He prefers to build a weaving of single images or sequences, like “rhizomas” and work around landscapes and bodyscapes as a bridge to narrate about memory/memories and the sense of time/consciousness. It’s a work about the slow fading of the future and memories, but at the same time is a reflection on the image and the process itself of making images in photography.

For Derrida, cinema is the art of ghosts, a battle of phantoms, and especially when crossed with psychoanalysis it becomes the art of allowing ghosts to come back. So if cinema is the art of ghosts, is photography the art of “freezing” them?  I think it is. It’s the art that allow us to stare at them, as long as we want.

We capture a ghost and put it on a “tissue”, like a Sindone. Once caught, the boundaries between the ghost and the tissue disappear – paper, chemicals, impression – we created a limbo where there’s no time, not anymore.

Nils Gabrielsson

Milán, Italy

He started in photography at a very young age, learning from his father and friends, later he studied photography, commercial video, and also philosophy.

This is his first individual exhibition.

Opening: Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.