Te amo demasiado

The project “Te amo demasiado” was born during her confinement; locked up at home, she began to intervene graphically on postcards from a collection she had been compiling over time of stereotypical loves.

With threads she began to weave relationships between lovers, immortalised in photos from the beginning of the century and intended as postcards for travelling and communicating.

She often works on stereotypes: in this case romantic love and how it is often the basis of normative, sometimes violent relationships based on inequality and possession.

“Te amo demasiado” is also a photobook made by the author during the Charta Festival (Rome) with data on the increase in domestic violence during the pandemic.

Natalia Saurin

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Visual artist working with photography, video and mixed media, graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano and at the Università degli Image.

She lives and works between Milan and Finale Ligure.

The common thread of all her artistic work is the investigation of stereotypes and iconic images, repetitions and transmissions of concepts and images that alter the concept of truth.