Spinning a Yarn

This series “Spinning a Yarn” certainly owes its origin to the experience of having co-directed, after the great tsunami of 2011, the project “Salvage Memory”, which consisted of recovering and returning to their owners the family photographs damaged by the tsunami; photographs that were testimony of the lives lived by so many people in that place.

When the course of life ends and people say goodbye to this world, we leave behind many photographs, a repository of memories and feelings. To serve this purpose is a very important mission of photography. My photographic work is also an attempt to fulfill this mission.

Munemasa Takahashi

Tokyo, Japón

In 2011, he co-directed the “Salvage Memory” project, which consisted of recovering photographs damaged by the great tsunami after the earthquake that devastated Japan in 2011 and returning them to their owners.

In 2012 he launched “Lost & Found Project”, an exhibition that toured twelve locations around the world. In 2014 he published “Tsunami, shashin, sorekara….”. In 2015 he published “Laying Stones.” Exhibition at  gallery PGI in Tokio (2016) e Ibasho de Amberes (2017).

In 2020 he exhibited at PGI gallery his new work “Spinning a Yarn”. In 2021 he published the book that collects works from this series.