We live our lives with ourselves as the protagonist. Yet, behind such a story, countless lives exist simultaneously with each their protagonist of their own. I gave each of my friends an instant camera to photograph their usual days. By presenting these images as separate contact sheets, I regarded each frame as a metaphor for a lit window and attempted to present the everyday as a collective.

In the present times when our attention towards our daily life is heightened, My aim is to reflect and rethink the possibility of a certain awareness and improbability within our relationship with others.

Atsushi Momoi

Osaka, Japan

His main theme of photography is to depict the relationship between inner and outer self ‒ in other words, to visualize the fluctuating connection between his subjectivity based on layers of memory and the world itself as a recognition object.

By intending to show the various layers of the world which appear when grasping the materials as it is mingles with his own memory, he pursues a new sense of value to update peopleʼs perspectives.