Gyahtei: Resigned to Death

He believes that most people want to live the life they have been given to the fullest, and then seek a peaceful end in their final moments. He saw this as he gazed at an old woman. He noticed no anguish on her face, but a gentle tranquility. To her, time just seemed to pass quietly. Simply, her “existence” in a pure and unadulterated form. Soon, she would reach a state of calm and peaceful existence.

What she believes she managed to capture on film, was the final bodily form of a human being before this release.

Manabu Yamanaka

Hyogo, Japan

She is a Buddhist and her gaze perceives the less obvious side of beauty in the bodies of people whose souls have already decided to go to the next stage of their evolution. With his camera he has portrayed elderly people in whom he has managed to capture that beauty and dignity that accompanies them until the end of their lives.

He chooses his subjects to the extent that he identifies them with certain principles of Zen Buddhism, particularly with regard to indifference to carnal desire and austere practices in pursuit of transcendent spiritual goals.

His images show, without beating around the bush, beings in the four situations that according to Buddhism are the source of man’s suffering: birth, old age, sickness and death.

He has participated in solo exhibitions in art galleries in Japan, and in numerous exhibitions around the world.

“Gyahtei” was already exhibited in 2017, and we have decided to bring it back on the occasion of the 10th anniversary.